Your style is the exclamation point at the end of your name; it’s what makes people remember you!


I come from corporate America, but would sometimes feel suffocated by the required wardrobe.  I like to wear leather pants to work, over-the-knee boots and shearling vests with dramatic shawl collars. Women in law firms just don’t dress like that, but I did, and I made it work. Whatever firm or office I worked for, I was always the go-to person when people had questions about their own wardrobe or fashion in general. I had always known fashion called to me, but it became what I did when women began to ask how I pulled off the outfits I’d wear to work, and I realized I was I ‘teaching’ them a valuable skill.  And I loved doing it.


Personal styling as a business started when a partner at a law firm where I once worked said to me, “Chanell, you are the only person I know that can pull off wearing an outfit the color of dirt, from head to toe, a color that prison inmates wear and make it look great.” He then told his wife to give me a call because I was a ‘fashion girl’ and could help her with her own wardrobe.  

Since then, I’ve taken fashion and technical courses to learn the art and the business of personal styling.


So, now I help women (and men) like you create a wardrobe that is deliberate, meaningful, and most of all, authentic to who you are.  Instead of a closet full of random pieces that baffle you every morning, you will have a wardrobe that has been carefully picked and curated just for you.

Together we will streamline, cultivate and revamp your style into something that puts the exclamation point back at the end of your name. Start today >>>