5 Ways To Pull Thanksgiving Off Like A Pro

Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away! Between the fashion and the food, are you ready? Here are a few tips to have you entertaining your guests like a pro:

1. Dress the part

Yes, yes, yes, I know you're busy cooking and cleaning and organizing and rearranging, but you still have to WOW your guests. And what better way than to step out in a C. Surratt Apron? Spice up your wardrobe this holiday season in the Grace apron. Now, I'm not saying you will become a better cook, but you will be the best dressed, and isn't that more important anyway??

2. Incorporate edible centerpieces

Instead of fresh flowers, or God forbid, fake ones, use charcuterie boards with warm breads, exotic cheeses, plump grapes and delicious jams to decorate the table and satisfy the bellies until dinner is served.

3. Design unique place setting ideas

Use a Kraft paper table runner and write messages of inspiration, or the names of your guests and now it's a cool seating plan.

4. Gift delicious party Favors

Why not send your guests home with something to remember you? Purchase a bunch of different spices in bulk and create a mixture that can be added to meats, bagels, sauces, etc. Package the spice mixtures in small jars and voila!!

5. Create a drink station

At the drinks station, have 1-2 specialty drinks with the recipes on small cards so that your guests can recreate the tasty libations at home.

Thanksgiving is a time to reconnect with family and friends and to create new memories. It's also a time to eat, eat and eat some more. While you're preparing all of those meals, do so in an elegant, fashionable and fly C. Surratt Apron!

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